Inside Your Home


Beautifully handcrafted freestanding and fitted furniture.

Good design and quality materials are the absolute key to good furniture. All of our pieces are handcrafted and custom made to suit your tastes and space and as well as standalone pieces, we also craft designs to overcome awkward alcoves, roof lines and odd shaped rooms. Our past commissions range from: thrones, elaborate dining tables and glazed wardrobes to art nouveau cabinets and pull out bookcases.

Complete designs

As well as single one-off pieces, we also create complete room designs. These rooms can mix form and design or adhere to one theme across the whole collection.


A Vogue Bespoke kitchen is unique, high quality and beautiful. Every design is tailored to suit you. Our kitchens are designed from scratch and hand-crafted from start to finish.

We turn your ideas into a beautiful kitchen, and once we have finished handcrafting each cabinet, we then carefully fit your kitchen into your home.

Working strictly only with high quality and sustainable materials including FSC or PEFC solid hardwoods, furniture plywood’s and veneers. We source the finest finishes and materials including: Marble, Silestone, Granite as well as composites like Corian and Hardwoods for the counter tops. We can also help you re-model your kitchen by removing walls, changing the space, and creating a new layout.